An app to change your life, baby!

There’s an app for 2.87 million things now. There are not even that many things to do on the planet. Nevertheless, 2.87 million. That is the total number of apps on Google Playstore. And there are troves of newer ones coming up. Truly, the creativity is astounding. But the results are rather underwhelming. Consider this: Most apps have their own unique purchase flow, their own “one-click checkout”. Most of them are built attractively, marketed efficiently and tirelessly promoted across various

How Buy Now Pay Later Platforms Create a New Consumer Economy

In today’s economy, cash-in-hand shouldn’t act as a deterrent for consumer participation. There is something inefficient about a modern day business that operates solely on the principle of immediate payments rather than the dynamics of consumer want. Market saturation is so potent that today, attention is the ultimate resource. What holds the eyeballs — and the purse-strings — sells. The rest sink. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platforms can take part in the new commercial landscape by bridging that

Copywriting — Defining the Art of Brevity

One of the better ways to display mastery over any medium is by saying more with less. Picasso made a tiny curve in a haphazard line have personality. The best copywriters have this intuitive understanding of the importance of brevity. Let’s understand more about this art. Anything worth exploring is worth defining. The web is littered with literally hundreds of definitions of copywriting. For our purposes, let’s go with the following: Disclaimer: Some schools of thought posit that copywriting

The Fiction of Sentient AI

Artificial intelligence has frequently been touted, by business-men prophets and pop scientists, as the apocalyptic doom-thing that would inevitably lead to the extinction of the human race. Within the Serververse of Big Data, which processes, in a day, more words than ever uttered by all humans in existence, it would only be a matter of time before the machine turns rogue, grows aware of the possibilities of self preservation and the sweet thrill of dominance, and finds some rather unimaginativ

Why do so many startups fail?

Every other day you come across an app that does this, another one that does that — and in 3 months, they suddenly seem quieter, their social media campaigns are less glossy and more stock-imagey, and the bad reviews pile up like prescient flies around a moribund beast. So why do they fail? Many reasons, sometimes the actors of circumstance and fortune plays truant, but more often than not, it is lack of proper ideation. There is a lot of foolish emphasis on “doing it” and less on “thinking thr

What about Truth?

What is truth? It is the non-biased uncovering of an abstract pattern, to seek something more fundamental than that pattern. Truth is a species of information that shows a cause, rather than an effect — it is the non-diminishable unit of an objective fact. So then, what is truth in action? The way of the electron answers it best when it moves, neither as a wave, nor a particle, nor really moves at all. Is there, in existence, something that cannot be reduced, that won’t give in to diminishing?

Man Vs. Travellator

So there you are. Hello you! And it’s a tiring Tuesday evening. You just got out of a draining meeting with a client, which would have been depressing if it was not so infuriating, which would have been funny, if it was not so draining. Your dingly-dangly neurons are dying for the life affirming kiss of hot Americano, prepared tenderly by the Starbucks barista, who, by the way, always gets your name wrong — ah, but you don’t care, for, upon the altars of benevolent coffee, all is forgiven. The

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